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Wednesday, October 8 2014

Be inspired by Lee Hnetinka

Most of the successful entrepreneurs have started their journey with a single thought hoping that it would be their catalyst for success. Many people do aspire to become entrepreneurs and be their own boss but unfortunately not everyone can actually be successful in this industry. One of the most aspiring apps that provide a range of services was co founded by Lee Hnetinka who is a New Yorker and who has been an entrepreneur for most of his life. This app is called WunWun which stands for What You Need, When You Need It. This is not your typical service delivery app since it also provides other request services as long as it is within legal bounds.

Get the best service in the palm of your hands WunWun is the best personal assistant app that is currently available for download on iOS devices and users can utilize the app to get their purchases or items delivered and pay a flat rate of $15 as service fee. Users can also request for a service such as shopping for their groceries, walking their dogs and even basic plumbing service such as unclogging the toilet. WunWun will look for the most suitable service provider for their clients and in return, the service cost will start at $2 for every 5 minutes. Another unique aspect of the app is that users can ask help by asking for a list of great restaurants for a first date and the like. This last feature can be utilized for free which makes the app extremely helpful. The app is very efficient and creates a timely response. Once the user sends a request, the app will then assign the task to their helpers or network of service providers. These helpers can be anyone who is trained to perform the varying tasks that are offered by WunWun.

Friday, October 3 2014

Choosing Men’s Electric Shavers

All men want to achieve a close shave but maintenance can be a problem for many individuals. It is fortunate that technology has made it possible to use men’s electric shavers so that men can obtain that close shave they desire without a lot of fuss.

There is an extensive assortment of men’s electric shavers in the market from various manufacturers and choosing the best one can be really challenging. What some people would think is great may not be ideal for you. There are some tips you can use when choosing the right electric shaver for men.

Tips for finding the right electric shaver It is important to consider hair and skin type when buying mens electric shavers. All of us have a distinct hair and skin type and we need to know what category we belong to find the shaver that is ideal. Heavy beard growth would require constant close shave and if one has sensitive skin, it would be an additional consideration. Men who shave less often and have whisker hair may be satisfied with rotary shavers but it can set off allergies and rashes on the face. Some men prefer the wet and dry shavers for their flexibility.

Individuals have different needs when it comes to buying men’s electric shavers. It is important to determine your reasons for buying one. If you need it for travel, you may choose among electric men’s shavers that are handy and easy to pack and with long battery charge. You must be sure about your requirements beforehand so you can choose the features you need. You can also look at many customer testimonials to find out how they rate the various men’s electric shavers in the market.

There are men’s electric shavers that are affordable although others are a bit pricey. Look up manufacturers that are known for quality and best price. You can browse online for the latest in men’s electric shavers to find the best ones that suit your budget.

Tuesday, September 30 2014

Services Offered by Towing Service Companies

Are towing services beneficial to us? I must say it is very convenient for everyone that we there are towing services available to assist us when an incident happens while we are on the road. I have tried to call a company once before and I was satisfied with their service that I will be calling them again if I need them.

Did you know that there are actually many services being offered by these companies? Let me enumerate some of it so that you will know when you need to call them for help. Gas Refilling It is really important to have a towing service company’s contact number with you so that you can call them when you run out of gas. It is not impossible to experience this so for your convenience, it is best to ask for assistance. You do not need to walk miles away just to look for a gas station because they will just ask for your location and will arrive as soon as they can. Towing This is the main service they offer and it is very advantageous for you if their number is handy whenever you had an engine problem while travelling. You don’t need to try to fix the car for hours especially if you are not knowledgeable enough. Troubleshooting Established and reputable towing services have technicians that can repair minor problems with your car engine. They are equipped with tools and equipments to they can fix it right away. Tire replacement This is something that you can do by yourself if you have tools available in your trunk. But if you do not know how to do it and there is no one available to give you a hand, calling a towing service company is the best solution.

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